LeRoy Mack
The LeRoy Mack "206" Model

The original 206 Model Dobro guitar was the very top of its line in the 1930's. The guitar featured walnut sides and a highly figured four way matched walnut veneer back and a spruce top. The guitar sported gold sparkle binding front and back. It also had a mother of pearl inlayed logo on the headstock instead of the normal decal. The heal of the neck had an inlaid heart on it and the fret board was inlayed with diamonds instead of dots. The metal parts were gold plated and highly engraved with a special mat finish on the UN-engraved parts to make them stand out. In an engraved banner on the front part of the cover plate the buyer of the guitar could have their named engraved. The tuners were gold plated with mother of pearl buttons. This was truly a special and unique instrument, no one knows how many were sold and as far as is known there are only two that have surfaced after seventy years.

It was in 1992 when LeRoy saw his first 206. He bought it from a friend who bought it from the daughter of the original owner. In 1995 LeRoy's 206 was stolen from his home. To make a long story short he was able to get it back (Thank God). At the IBMA trade show in Owensboro Kentucky LeRoy played one of Paul Beards guitars and really liked the tone, volume and the high quality craftsmanship. Paul built a guitar to LeRoy's specifications and he has been playing it ever since. Paul and LeRoy have been talking for a couple of years about building a guitar in the spirit of the old 206. The guitar would not be a copy but would include some of the visual features into a modern high quality guitar.

The "LeRoy Mack 206 model" was unveiled at the IBMA trade show in Louisville Kentucky October 2000. The response was overwhelming with many of the professional players giving it two thumbs up for sound and beauty. LeRoy said "I am so proud to have my signature on this guitar, it is everything I hoped it would be and more." The LeRoy Mack "206" Model is now available for sale through LeRoy or Paul Beard Guitars for (US) $5,000 including a hard shell case.

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